How to Start a Blog in Five Steps (2018)

Jun 11, 2018

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How to start a blog? A question, you ask Google and I am going to explain in 5 simple steps. But before we jump into the process I just wanted to inform you about the importance of the blog. To learn, share, earn, market, be famous, make an impression, get a good job. Reasons are unlimited.

No Programming skills, don’t worry. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to start a blog.  Just follow these five steps process:-

Five Simple Steps: How to Start a Blog:

  1. Decide what are you going to write about.
  2. Select Domain Name.
  3. Choose a Web Hosting for the blog.
  4. Choose a Simple theme to start with. (I can help you provide free Premium Theme).
  5. Start Writing and Publish your First Blog.

Looks Difficult? Confusing?.

I am here to help you with. I will provide help to get you started and solve your all doubts.  So,let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide what are you going to write about.

You are here because you have thought about starting a blog or someone might have told you to start your own blog because your friend has it.

  • **To become a Writer – **In this timeline, it’s very easy to be a writer and publish your content online. Blogging helps to create a fanbase, readers, and friends which will follow your content.
  • **Market your Brand or Product –**Blogs really helps to reach a community or individuals or Brand users.
  • Money, Money, and Money -Blogs a way to generate Passive income. There are many top bloggers make living out of writing blogs.
  • To Get Famous – Successful blog makes you famous and people will start following you ask for your opinions. The big brand will start asking you to promote their brand.

So, to become a successful blogger you need to have a passion for your topic, content and need to gain more and more knowledge about it.

Blogging is all about putting your thoughts and research on the topic you love and sharing that knowledge with others which help the reader to improve their lives and save their time.

Blog Costs only 5$ to 10$ a month

Step 2: Select Domain Name

Is Domain name really important? Yes, it is. It’s the first point of contact that your blog readers will have on your blog.  Your audience will make a judgment based on your domain name.

Here are some tips to select a domain name which is:

  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to Understand (This will help readers to know what the blog is about).

If you are going to create a blog about Interview Questions. It’s better to have a domain name for, ,,

For Domain Extension, I would prefer to go with.COM and if .COM is not available, go for .**ORG or **.NET. If you are creating content for the specific country, you can go for .US for the United States, .CO.UK for the United Kingdom.

Step 3: Choose a Web Hosting for the blog

If you want to play tennis, you need a tennis court, if you want to blog you need a platform to host. Hosting Provider provides Space, Domain Name, a place to host a WordPress blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform which is by far the most popular blogging platform, very easy to use.

Now you need a hosting provides which support WordPress. Are we going into details? Nope. No need to worry about it. All Hosting platform provide inbuilt WordPress supports.

Which Host should we use to Hosting your Blog?

I have been using BlueHost Hosting provider for 12 years and It’s the first choice for all famous bloggers.

Click here to go to Bluehost

In next 5 minutes, Bluehost will create your blog after following few simple steps.

  • Select a blogging plan (Go for Prime).
  • Pick a Domain name.
  • Enter account information.
  • Provide billing information
  • Skips the updates and other offers.
  • Create a password and now you have your own blog.

Congratulations!! You are a blog owner now. It’s so simple!!.

4. Choose a Simple theme to start with.

Bluehost also provide free themes options but you can skip it for now. WordPress comes with predefine simple to use themes.

As of now, it may take few hours 1 to 24 for your selected domain to get fully register. Meanwhile, you can start working on your newly created WordPress Blog.

5. Start Writing and Publish your First Blog.

This is all you have been waiting to write and publish your first blog and tell the world that I am here to make my presence.

Click on New Post and start working content. WordPress dashboard is very easy to use. I will write more about using the WordPress dashboard.


Next Steps:

Just keep writing good content and start publishing.


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